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E.R.N Podcast – Janis Ivory

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Executive Recruiter Network Podcast

David Tash, CEO, of Tash Rizzo, the #1 choice of lead generation and marketing for recruiting and staffing firms worldwide, interviewing Janis Ivory, Managing Director at ISS Executive Search Partners

Podcast Transcript



David: Awesome guys welcome to another episode of the Executive recruiter Network today we have Janis with us and she is an expert recruiter we are very blessed to have her on the show and Janis tell us a little bit about your company so you know you’re introduced to audiences who you are and what you do.

Janis: Absolutely thanks so much so my name’s Janis ivory I am the founder and active managing director with ISS Executive Search Partners. So, we’re a global recruiting firm that specializes in manufacturing and distribution environments I mean really supporting all functions and departments so from engineering operations finance all the way to executive level roles so we’re a very specific niche within the industry.

David: Hmm awesome so how did you get into staffing and recruiting in the first place.

Janis: You know it was by mere accident in 1999 I had applied for a sales opportunity and then they actually and it was with a small temporary staffing firm so within a few months they asked me if I would be interested in running the operations and as well as still being active in the sales piece and that’s really how I started and since then I’ve worked in different verticals within staffing but now primarily in the recruiting space.

David: Awesome so now what is something that you know now after all you that you wish you knew when you first started out.

Janis: Oh gosh there are so many things but I had to experience all of those things in order to be where I am today I think that one thing I wish I knew that would be to be consistent to be consistent and everything that you do and because without consistency you really lose momentum if that’s in the sales field if that is recruiting for great candidate and creating that pipeline and I think a bigger part of the picture is to really not forget or don’t lose sight of why you started in the industry I think someone really has this is something that has to be very fulfilling for someone to be successful.

David: Mmm now I know you talk to probably thousands of candidates every single year right now unemployment’s at all-time low it’s definite candidate market but any advice that any of these candidates that are working inside your niche that you can all just kind of give to the audience

Janis: I’m sorry so you’re asking me what I would tell the candidates yeah just any advice for them someone looking to like advanced a career or trying to find a job.

Janis: I think the first thing is when you’re looking to progress in your career to make sure that you are not just mass emailing and your resume you really need to tailor your resume specifically for the position you’re looking at. The resume piece is so important because these hiring managers get stacks of resumes to really identify clearly your accomplishments any type of recognitions something that really stands out, to reflect how you can add a difference and be of value to that organization and I think that the last piece of it is to really connect with people and consistently network if that’s with recruiters or you know. LinkedIn for example to reach out to those organizations direct hiring managers and where VP’s and utilize those resources to stay very connected.

David: Hmm and because employment is at an all-time low what advice would you give to the hiring managers and your niche in your industry, when they’re trying to find their perfect candidate give it away the secrets of course.

Janis: Of course what I’m finding most often is these organizations it’s important for them to figure out especially with this generation to find out what appealing incentives are going to be so if you can’t be more aggressive in terms of the compensation schools and try to find other incentives that would be appealing to them so that is you know flexibility with working add a remote or being able to have extra days off for finding incentive and work-life balance it’s important to a lot of people now I think you cannot be more aggressive in terms of the compensation to really as a team try to find different ways to be appealing to this generation to other kind other incentives that would get them excited to look at your organization

David: Hmm I believe us Millennials the whole thing is all about culture all right it’s not just about the ways of the culture fit.

Janis: Absolutely I think that’s really important because and a lot of people actually really create some of these organizations they will have a room where they have these small tables and all kind of exciting things for a younger group of people and you know you don’t want to put someone in there that’s probably a little bit older that that’s not really enticing or adds a value to their life to have a futsal table right.

David: Definitely know now for these hiring managers listening um you know it’s a very low barrier of entry like anyone could kind of say they are recruiter put up a website that sort of thing for your experience like what are some telltale signs to separate a good recruiter from a bad one

Janis: I’m sorry you got cut out right there

David: I’m sorry um what are some telltale signs that um you know any hiring managers listing could can kind of see like what separates a good recruiter from a bad recruiter in your opinion

Janis: Sure yeah I think that’s pretty subjective depending on who you ask but I think from my professional experience along with my own personal values I feel like a good recruiter first and foremost or they’re truly fulfilled by what they do they’re very resourceful they’re very responsive and I’m going to really hone in on that piece I see so often candidates complain about you know these suitors army then you know getting back with an emailing me back calling me back and I think you know again we talked to so many candidates a day but I think it’s very important that to be responsive even if that responses not what you want to hear to be responsive or hey I haven’t heard me and yet I’ll definitely keep you posted please continue to follow up I think that it’s most important because you I always try to put myself in someone’s situation we’ve all been there in our life where the worst feeling is just not knowing right so I think it’s there being it the biggest part of it is being relatable and really being empathetic to watch other people and not looking at it as a job and I think that’s the biggest piece of being a good recruiter is being relatable on both sides of candidate side and be the client organization side

David: Absolutely because when you’re taking on a job on behalf of client yeah on behalf of a client you represented their company so if you are ghosts and the candidates are not responsive they take it as almost like the company itself isn’t being responsive so you have that big weight on your big responsibility shoulders like you really hit the nail on the head Janis said if anyone’s listening once again in touch with you that needs help recruiting how they can get in contact with you

Janis: Obviously the best way you can always call us and or you can you know you know anyone on our team but always happy to help those looking for new opportunities as new as well as those that are meeting support with their recruiting initiatives and I think one thing where we have found a lot of success is you know we’re big enough to serve from a global perspective but we’re also small enough to be very more of a partner and tailor mm-hmm to our clients’ needs so definitely you can always reach out by calling us or emailing us.

David: Awesome we’ll put your contact information below and Janis thank you so much for being on the show thank you so much for the stone us that wisdom and enjoy the rest of your day.

Janis: Thank you have a great day.

David: You too.

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