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7 Interview Hacks to Leave a Lasting Impression on Candidates

by LinkedIn Marketing, Tash Tips

Interviewing is one of the most important skills for a recruiter or any recruiting agency in the job market. Your interview process or interview experience can be the make-or-break moment for you and your organization.

By providing a good interview experience to the candidates, you can leave an everlasting impression even if you opt not to choose that candidate.

The recruitment industry is cutthroat and competitive, so it’s tough to stand out among the faces that populate the job market every day. Recruiters are busy, and a lot of their time is spent on interviews. Knowing how to optimize an interview process can help them ascertain the candidate’s skills. They should be able to conduct an interview in an efficient manner.

Hiring the best candidates is a difficult task, and recruiters are at the heart of it. This blog covers interview tips, from being prepared and knowing how to ask questions.

1- Be Fully Prepared for the Interview:

Interview tips for recruiters

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We all know that interviews are necessary when looking for job openings, but it’s stressful to have no idea what to ask. Prepping for an interview is time-consuming and difficult because you never know what the candidate may expect. It also becomes more difficult when preparing for interviews for different positions. For every task in an interview, there are tons of scenarios and questions that arise from it. 

Most recruiters can’t remember all this, so they have to make guesses or write down the questions on a piece of paper which is not conducive to conversations or effective interviews. If you are interviewing someone, make sure you prepare yourself too.

The following are some of the top reasons why a recruiter must be prepared for an interview:

– You never know what questions they might ask you.

– You never know if they will ask you a question like salary, benefits, etc.

– You never know if he’s fluent in English and you’re not.

2- Show Respect to the Candidates:

Recruiting can be frustrating because sometimes recruiters don’t give candidates the attention they deserve. It’s frustrating for applicants to just give up altogether before exhausting their search. Recruiters should be transparent about the process and show applicants why they should continue fighting for their dream job. There’s nothing worse than being ignored during an interview or put on hold. By being respectful, a recruiter can make sure that they leave a positive impression on the candidate, which can benefit an organization’s reputation in the long run.

3- Build Mutual Understanding:

Recruiters should build mutual understanding in an interview because they are the first person who will interact with the applicants. It’s hard for a would-be employer to trust recruiters who are being transparent and seem skeptical. The process seems bogus and sales-oriented because it’s not just about the numbers anymore. Today, recruiters should make a genuine connection with their candidates and establish trust and a good relationship. They should take the time to build trust that is the foundation of any relationship.

4- Focus on Communication:

Recruiters are often disconnected, making it difficult for candidates to feel their voices are being heard. Responding quickly and keeping open communication lines with hiring managers and candidates are important for recruiters. They should also be able to accurately determine the best skills and background in order to find the right candidate who will be a great addition to the team. 


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Candidates should feel like they’re heard and understood, while recruiters should be in touch with what they’re looking for. The first step to communicating well in an interview is understanding what makes up your personality. If you are unsure how to ask certain questions, it might be beneficial to speak with someone like the manager of that particular position.

5- Include an Icebreaker Session:

Recruiters should use icebreakers to break the ice before an interview. These icebreakers help break the ice and make it easier for both parties to feel comfortable talking with one another. They are designed to help candidates get acquainted with one another and foster a positive and productive conversation. Some icebreakers include asking each person to share their favorite book, what they like to do outside of work, or their favorite place in the world.

6- Prepare an Offer Beforehand:

A recruiter should prepare an offer in an interview to make sure that the candidate knows what they are signing up for. It is a way for the recruiter to show that they are serious about this candidate and want them on board. An offer also helps the candidate decide whether or not they would like to work with the company.

The following are some of the reasons why a recruiter should prepare an offer in an interview:

– Helping candidates decide whether or not they want to work with your company.

– Showing seriousness.

– Making it easier for candidates to sign their contracts.

– Prevent any possible confusion during the negotiation process.

7- Always Assess Yourself:

Traditional recruitment methods are about to become obsolete — new ways of sourcing the perfect candidates must be explored in an ever-expanding digital market. Today’s job market is more competitive than ever, and regardless of the industry, companies cannot afford to lose out on crucial opportunities. Recruiters are more important than ever as they play a key role in finding job applicants for employers. Recruiters should subject their interview process to continuous self-improvement. 


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Proven strategies for lateral hires can be applied to winning over new talent and forging lifelong relationships with the right candidates by harnessing their potential. A recruiter should assess himself after an interview because it is hard to know if the candidate is a good fit for the company. After all, every company has different requirements and needs.

Let a coworker or hiring manager listen to the interview call. In this way, feedback from the hiring manager or coworker can help you improve your interview process.

Final Words

Candidates share their experience with the company and so it is very important to create a positive impact. You want the applicant to leave with a positive business image, even if they aren’t the best fit for the position. With the above tips, we hope you clearly understand leaving a good impression on the candidates through your interview process and hiring the best possible candidate.

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