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How Recruiters Can Create Top-Notch Content to Win Over Their Audience

by LinkedIn Marketing, Tash Tips

Curated Content Is the Key to Success for Busy Recruiters

Picture this. Your target audience is captivated by your recruiting services without you even batting an eyelash. It’s simple, easy, and effortless. You don’t have to dedicate endless time and energy to win them over. Want to know why? It’s because they already trust you from the get-go. Every day, you’re drawing in dozens of eager clients and achieving all of your recruiting goals one by one. Sounds like the dream, doesn’t it?

Boom. Enter reality. In a parallel universe, we can get anyone to trust and appreciate our recruiting firm before they’ve even engaged with us. In the real world, however, it doesn’t work that way. The key is to produce quality content for your audience to enjoy. The more you create, the more exposure you’ll get. And the more exposure you get, the more successful you’ll be.

Content curation

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 But the problem is…there’s only so a limited number of hours in a day. Being a recruiter is no walk in the park, of course. You have just about a million things to take care of on a daily basis. From finding hiring managers with active staffing need to searching for the perfect candidates for your clients, you’re always busy and on the run. With so much on your plate, how are you supposed to spare time to consistently pump out systematic content for the growth of your agency?

Well, allow us to help. There’s a little something known as curated content, and we’re going to be giving you insights on this incredibly important topic. Recruiters, this right here is your shortcut to success. By utilizing curated content, you’ll be able to make top-notch content while juggling other responsibilities on your shoulders. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Find Content That’s Already Performing Well 

First, you need to do a little research and find eye-catching content already performing well in your industry. Let’s say you stumble upon a trending article on the 15 hottest interview questions to find your dream candidate. If you notice this post doing well on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, your job is to give your take on it and make full use of this golden opportunity.

top performing content

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To elaborate, you need to explain your stance in a couple of sentences. Perhaps you agree. Perhaps you don’t. Either way, make sure you share your two cents on the topic to create the perfect tagline or snippet. For example, if you have another interview question in mind that wasn’t in the original article, don’t forget to provide your target audience with this valuable information. Perhaps you could even go into detail and explain how it is relevant to your particular sector. Don’t hesitate to add your flair to it. The more personalized the content, the better.

Once you’re done with that, go ahead and reshare the article for the world to see. See how simple that was? It’s a whole lot easier than generating ideas from scratch all the time. Use curated content to build a foundation of your own and see just how quickly you grab the attention of your target audience. 

Share the Content at Least Once a Week

Wanna know a secret? Consistency is the #1 secret to success in life. The more you give, the more you’ll get back. As you utilize curated content to increase the visibility of your recruitment firm, be sure to share it with the world at least once a week. Consider inserting this task in your calendar in order to remain on track and fully dedicate yourself to the process. The last thing we want is for you to feel overwhelmed and stressed, so feel free to choose a day that isn’t hectic for you. After all, your needs matter, too.

Share content

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Even allocating one hour a week to content creation can do wonders. As long as you devote your undivided time and attention, you’re bound to accomplish great things. On the day of your choice, figure out an engaging way to share the curated content of your choice. Perhaps you could make a little snippet, as we discussed earlier, and turn that into a LinkedIn post. 

Perhaps you could make an informative video instead. In the era of groundbreaking technology, you can easily use your phone to record and upload a video on YouTube. From blogs to articles, there are countless other ways to distribute your content in this golden age of reach. Opt for a method that works best for you. 

Stay Committed and Meet the Needs of Your Audience

If you really want to win your audience over and make big profits as a recruiter, it is important for you to remain fully committed to what you’re doing. Not only do you need to consistently share the content, as we discussed earlier, but you also need to make efforts to improve and develop in any way that you can. 

For instance, distributing your content once a week is a great way to get things going, but feel free to turn things up a notch if need be. Remember: the primary goal here is to meet the needs of our target audience. If you feel that your audience needs to hear from you more often, go ahead and start sharing content twice or thrice a week instead.

This sort of commitment is what will set you apart from your competitors. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be the greatest content creator on the planet if you‘re looking to make a name for yourself. All you need do is work diligently to reach your end goals and stay one step ahead of your rivals. Don’t hesitate to analyze and keep tabs on the competitors in your sector to see what you could do better. Needless to say, there’s always room for improvement. 

Commitment to content creation

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And that right there is how you create excellent content for your target audience to enjoy! We might not live in a utopian world where everything magically falls into our hands, but there’s nothing a little bit of effort can’t do. Leverage curated content today, and see the results for yourself!

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