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Insanely Effective Employee Onboarding Tips

by LinkedIn Marketing, Tash Tips

Onboarding is a Significant Stage of the Hiring Process

Congratulations! You’ve successfully found the right fit for your company after weeks and weeks of grueling recruiting efforts. It is definitely a commendable feat to reach this stage — but the finish line isn’t quite here yet. This marks the beginning of a vital stage of the hiring process: onboarding. 

Once you’ve found the ideal candidate, you must actively work toward integrating them into your organization. Getting these employees acquainted with their job position and environment is important to ease the overall transition. Your new hire will feel incredibly motivated and contribute to your company’s growth if they feel a valued part of the team. 

Employee onboarding

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Ready to get your employee on board and embark on this new journey? Follow the ten tips below to effectively welcome a new member to your team and create a worthwhile experience for everyone involved. 

Gather Important Paperwork

Before you begin to take additional measures to welcome a new hire, you must first gather all the essential paperwork. To start off, it’s important to get the nitty-gritty out of the way. Essentials like contracts, agreements, and other company-specific forms lay the foundation as they break down the specific responsibilities of the job position. By remaining prepared with these documents, you’ll not only ensure that the employee is fully aware of their roles but also showcase your company’s devotion to professionalism.

Send an Official Welcome Email

Once you’ve gotten the basics out of the way, it is time to say hello and get started! A formal greeting can do wonders. Send an email to officially welcome your new employee to the team and prepare them for their first day at a new workplace. From the schedule to the dress code, mention every single relevant detail that comes to mind in order to ensure that the onboarding process takes place smoothly.

Provide Your  New Hire With All of the Necessary Tools and Resources

Essentially, set your new hires up for success on day one. Leave no stone unturned in showing just how much you value and care about them. More specifically, provide them with all of the devices and equipment they’ll need to operate during work hours. Additionally, set up all of their accounts for company emails and corporate software to pave the way for seamless communication. By ensuring that your new employee has easy access to every tool and resource, you’ll leave an impression that will last for years.

Schedule an Orientation to Cover Everything

To effectively prepare your hire for their first day, schedule an orientation that covers every single detail imaginable. The goal is to help the new member familiarize themselves with your company’s culture and organizational structure. Take this time to walk them through their precise duties as an employee for you and answer any questions that they might have. Ultimately, you want to form the connection of a lifetime. 

Develop a Strong, Customized Plan With Clearly Defined Expectations 

A solid plan can make a solid difference. It supports your new employee to a great degree and makes it easier for you and your team to approach the onboarding process and then effectively proceed every day. Draft weekly itineraries that list everything on the agenda and also mention key objectives and learnings. To add to that, consider drafting a 90-day program to measure growth over the next few weeks. 

Though the standard onboarding process is undoubtedly effective, it is crucial to add a personal touch in order to prevent the new hire from feeling isolated. By planning from the get-go and eliminating the cold approach, you will play an instrumental role in helping the new member adjust and feel at home. In order to make the plan even better, customize it for that specific employee — and include required reading and scheduled meeting times. 

Develop a Standard Operating Procedure 


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If there are any instructions you have yet to share with your new hire, now’s the time! The last thing you want is for your employee to be scrambling for answers — so the key is to clearly define everything from the get-go. Share instructional videos and informational documents that address the key aspects of the job position and your overall company. Create checklists while you’re at it for the team member to follow throughout the process. 

Host a Meeting to Introduce the New Hire to the Current Staff 

Want a smooth and easy way to break the ice? There’s nothing quite like a good old meet-and-greet session. Schedule a fun, interactive meeting to help your employee feel more comfortable. Whether it’s in person or through Zoom, an introductory meeting can really give your new hire a chance to form relationships with their coworkers and fit right in. Sometimes even a couple of fun facts can go a long way.  

Assign a Mentor or a Buddy


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Never underestimate the importance of a good companion. To prevent your new company member from feeling alone at work, consider assigning a mentor or a buddy to mitigate their loneliness and help them form vital bonds. Having a partner to rely on for questions and clarifications greatly reduces stress and offers the sort of help that makes no task seem too difficult. With another person by their side at all times, your employee will not only learn from an experienced perspective but also feel truly at ease as they tackle their responsibilities.

Offer Recognition and Rewards Early

Who doesn’t like a good reward? Essentially, there is a strong correlation between recognition and reductions in employee turnover. To put it simply, appreciating your new hire’s efforts at an early stage will encourage them to work harder and continue working with you. On the other hand, failing to recognize their diligence and reward them periodically will break their spirits and prevent them from staying around longer. As your new members hop on board, waste no time giving them a round of applause — and see what difference it makes. 

Set Realistic Goals and Track Progress

For optimal results and growth in the long run, don’t forget to set realistic goals for your new hire. If you wish to retain this talent of yours, state all of your expectations during the initial stages in order to prevent any future confusion. Don’t hesitate to tell them what exactly it is that you are looking for. 

By having a clear idea of your long-term aims and targets, your employee will be able tto achieve those goals effortlessly. Make sure to keep a close eye out and have follow-ups to measure progress throughout the onboarding process. And remember: don’t feel discouraged if you don’t see instant results. Starting a new job can be daunting — so give your employee some time to polish their skills and fully settle in. The wait will be worth it. 

Onboarding Affects the Success of Both the Employee and the Company

If you set your employees up for success, they’ll set you up for success in return. In short, it is a combined effort. When your new hires see just how much you’re investing in them, they’ll not only envision a long-term future with you but also feel inclined to work twice as hard. In simple words, this stage of the hiring process can really make or break the development and prosperity of your company. Go the extra mile to welcome a new staff member — and see how much it pays off in the form of recruit retention. 

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Once you’ve found the right fit, don’t waste any time getting started! As you begin the onboarding journey, be sure to follow the 1tentips we’ve discussed for top-notch results. The more effort you put in now, the more it’ll benefit you in the long run. 

A happy employee leads to a happy company. 

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