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Tips for Writing Effective Recruiting Email Subject Lines

by LinkedIn Marketing, Tash Tips

Recruiting candidates is a lot tougher than it looks. With so much competition, luring in top talent and converting them into employees can be quite a struggle.

Now let’s be real: first impressions matter. Whether we like to admit it or not, the little things we say and do initially can influence another person’s perception of us.

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Emails are the primary mode of communication between a recruiter and prospects. It is incredibly important for you to make a solid impression from the get-go. In order to grab — and retain — a prospect’s interest, make sure to craft a subject line they just can’t look away from. The goal, essentially, is to prompt individuals to read your email and eventually facilitate conversations with them. In simple words, this is a game-changer.

So how exactly do you ensure that you’ve created an enticing subject line? That’s where we come into play.

Tips to Write Effective Recruitment Email Subject Lines

We will discuss some helpful tips and practices to help you optimize your email outreach and effortlessly source candidates.

Be Straightforward, Impactful, and Transparent:

Because the subject line is the very first thing that your prospect will see, you need to be as clear as possible. The last thing you want is to start off on the wrong foot – so be sure to mention every bit of information as straightforwardly as possible. 

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At the same time, we don’t want to overdo it. That means you must remain concise as you encourage individuals to open the message and get excited about doing so. 

The thing is, misleading or lengthy headlines can cause your emails to end up in the trash bin — and we don’t want that, do we? So it is essential to leave no stone unturned and make an impact.

That’s your goal: to make an impact. Take every measure you can to stand out among dozens of other emails in a busy inbox. Avoid anything generic at all costs — and add a memorable twist that candidates won’t be able to resist!

So to sum it all up, keep it short and engaging — and give those people a solid reason to open your email. Make it worth their time.

Highlight Important Job Details:

If an aspect of the job could potentially serve as a deal-breaker, now’s the time to mention it. We don’t want to give our prospects false hopes — so be sure to highlight the most important job details concisely.

For example, it helps specify the job location immediately and indicate whether the position is in-house or remote. Doing so will allow candidates to immediately assess the opportunity and decide if it is suitable for them — which means you won’t waste their time (or yours). Some might prefer an in-house job offer, whereas others might lean toward the freedom and flexibility of a remote one. Let them decide for themselves! Your job is here to state the facts.

Follow this step — and see a massive increase in email open rates! In this world, honesty goes a long, long way. 

Personalize the Subject Line and Make it Relevant to the Candidates:

We promise you that candidates won’t care about your email unless it is relevant to them. That’s why it is imperative that you include every element of personalization that you can think of. Don’t hesitate to go all out. 

For starters, make sure the subject line includes key details like the prospect’s name, current job title, and/or company. When individuals see an email addressed to them specifically, they’re much more likely to click it. It’s like magic. So be sure to avoid vague, generic emails that lack particular details at all costs. 

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Additionally, use keywords relevant to the candidate you are reaching out to. Essentially, you want to speak directly to their situation and their experience. If the prospect has a special background or quality that appeals to you, try using keywords that match their experience — and see the difference that makes.

At the end of the day, the goal is to write a subject line that wholeheartedly resonates with the person you are speaking to. Speak directly to them — and give them a reason to care. 

Avoid all Caps and Spammy Words 

Ah yes…every recruiter’s worst nightmare. Even the thought of your precious emails being marked as spam is awful, to say the least. And that’s why we’re going to make sure it never happens.

To begin with, it is important that you avoid using caps lock in your subject line. Not only does it come across as intense, but it may raise suspicion among email service providers and their spam filters — and then it all goes downhill from there.

On top of that, you must avoid words like “urgent” and “last chance” that might be flagged as spam. If you want to ensure that your messages don’t end up in the spam folder before the prospect even gets to read them, make sure you rid them of anything shady. Remember: your email needs to have value. 

There’s no need for empty words or unnecessary embellishments. A simple subject line can get the job done just fine. Just make it impactful, relevant, and concise — and candidates will come rushing your way. That’s a promise. 

Some Excellent Examples of Effective Recruiting Headlines

Sometimes, a little guidance is all you need to get started. Next time you write your recruiting emails, test out these subject lines for guaranteed success.

  • Subject: Congratulations [First name] on [A relevant accomplishment]
  • Subject: Remote [Job title] at [Company]
  • Subject: [First name], are you interested in becoming [Job title]?
  • Subject: [First name], advance your career by becoming [Job title]

These are just a couple of examples — so feel free to see what works best for you! Remember: not every subject line will appeal to every prospect. The key here is to experiment.  

And there you have it. We hope this guide has served its purpose and prepared you to craft effective recruiting email subject lines. Once again, you want to make a powerful first impression — so don’t take this matter lightly. Create a sense of urgency — and prompt them to act now. And don’t forget to keep the line short and catchy while you’re at it. Your efforts will pay off tremendously in the long run. 

Don’t underestimate the importance of a digital handshake.

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