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Top Tips for Increasing LinkedIn Engagement

by LinkedIn Marketing, Tash Tips

LinkedIn Engagement Remains Incredibly Important for Your Business!

What is a LinkedIn engagement rate?

It is a straightforward indicator of just how much — and how well — your audience is perceiving and interacting with your content. By receiving clear-cut, beneficial insight into the extent to which your posts are resonating with your target audience, you can then draft stellar social media strategies in the future and rigorously track your progress over time.

Paramount for the growth of your B2B company, increased LinkedIn engagement establishes brand loyalty and develops strong business-client relationships, ultimately contributing to significant upsurges in business prosperity and revenue. Produce optimal content to win the hearts of your viewers — and grow your influence today!

Your LinkedIn Company Page Serves as a Vital Branding Opportunity and Contributes to B2B Success

To be candid, the impact of LinkedIn on lead generation cannot be emphasized enough. Serving as an indispensable branding opportunity for B2B businesses, the social media website is responsible for increasing visibility to a substantial extent. As a business owner, it is important for you to leverage your LinkedIn company page and take full advantage of the platform for your brand’s success and development. 

Linkedin Stats for B2B Businesses

The stats are as clear as day. An astonishing 50% of social media-oriented web traffic for B2B businesses arises from LinkedIn. Additionally, approximately 80% of the leads generated for these businesses also emerge from this social media phenomenon, thus showcasing the direct correlation between LinkedIn and B2B success. To confirm this theory, 82% of B2B marketers declare that they have garnered the most success on LinkedIn — and it is this very prosperity associated with the social channel that deems it a must-have.

In simple words, if you’re a B2B business owner looking to generate a significant amount of leads and revenue, it is important for you to utilize the tool of LinkedIn to metamorphose the state of affairs like never before! Intrigued by the vast promises of the social media platform but not sure how to professionally implement a lead generation strategy for optimal results? Wondering how to boost LinkedIn engagement to a substantial extent? We’re here to lend a helping hand! Read ahead for vital tips — and witness instant growth like never before.

Create Appealing Company Page Banners and Showcase Pages 

To put it simply, branding plays an instrumental role in attracting new visitors — and it is significant for you to execute your strategies in ways that remain visually appealing as well. By branding your company in ways that encourage others to enthusiastically read your content and follow your page for updates, you will then increase brand recognition and revenue like never before!

Tash Ads LinkedIn Banner resonates with its audience.

Begin by paying crucial attention to your LinkedIn Company Page banner. Considering the fact that this background image possesses the power to capture the visitor’s attention in the blink of an eye, it is imperative that you carefully focus on the intricacies of the visual. Incorporate your business’ key colors, taglines, and contact information on the placeholder image to maximize the potential of success. To go the extra mile, regularly produce unique images that reflect the likes of monthly themes, holiday events, and new products. 

Additionally, create LinkedIn Showcase Pages to shed light on the key components of your B2B business. Consider adding logos and banners for your specific products and services and frequently sharing refreshing content to retain the attention of your visitors. In short, make full use of the social media website’s various facets. The more effort, the merrier! 

Make Effective, Strategic Use of Native Content

The integration of well-thought-out native content on your LinkedIn Company Page, too, directly contributes to lead generation. Essentially, the key is to focus on your dear clients rather than the company itself in the “About Us” section. Infuse the essence of your B2B business as you explain how you’re going to benefit the customer in ways more than one. Due to the fact that LinkedIn Pages take search engine optimization (SEO) into consideration, make sure to incorporate as many crucial keywords and phrases as possible!

Moreover, take full advantage of LinkedIn’s newly introduced tagline and call-to-action (CTA) features to draw in more visitors than ever before. It is also important not to ignore the significance of including basics such as your company’s founding information, specialties, website, and contact details. Be sure to free your description from all typos or grammatical errors — and insert a testimonial wherever possible for incredible results!

An example of how Semrush placed their CTA

Create and Share Relevant Content to Increase Visibility 

In order to effectively reach your target audience, you must consistently share relevant content on your Company Page. By consistently presenting enthralling content for your LinkedIn followers to engage with, you will increase your reach to profound degrees! Inherently, the key is to make sure all of the content you share has a fundamental purpose. 

To begin with, create alluring infographics, images, and videos as a part of your LinkedIn engagement strategy. Furthermore, share relevant third-party posts that provide your audience with crucial information. Also, consider pinning important content to your profile for increased views. Lastly, be sure to frequently schedule and share posts to strengthen the visibility of your brand on the social media powerhouse and increase engagement on LinkedIn posts.

Creating value for your audience is integral

Employees are such a prominent, all-important element of your company. It is understandably important for you to produce and share employee-centered content on your LinkedIn profile. The secret to success here is to include Infographics and interviews of your top employees, highlighting the crux of your company culture and values all the while. 

Essentially, your LinkedIn Company Page is a content hub with the power to pave the way for unparalleled networking! Motivate your employees to share new company content with their connections. Also, consider making a handful of your staff members administrators to further amplify your reach — and witness profound results!

Use Sponsored and Targeted Updates Effectively

To expand your reach even more and appeal to your audience like never before, we highly recommend making full use of sponsored and targeted updates! The key, as always, is to incorporate CTA to effectively capture the attention of your viewers and subsequently contribute to upsurges in revenue. To begin with, after you possess enough people in each segment, you can then target that specific audience and differentiate content based on the faction in question. The best part is that these particular updates remain absolutely free! Yes, you heard that right!

Aside from targeted updates, consider inserting sponsored updates: paid posts with the potential to skyrocket brand recognition and lead generation. To create a new audience and sponsor your content for maximized visibility, you must create an Advertising account and build an effective campaign, taking into account little details with the utmost consideration all the while. Though organic content is typically the best method for obtaining an expanded reach, sponsored content on your LinkedIn Company Page, too, can make a substantial difference. 

Interact With Your Audience, Establish Connections, and Remain Consistently Present on the Platform

Last but most certainly not least, it is imperative for you to regularly engage with the audience that fervently interacts with your posts and mentions your company on LinkedIn. Diligently scrutinize the analytics for your B2B business’ page to identify the individuals frequently interacting with your posts — and return the favor by engaging with their own content! Needless to say, these connections can go a long way and affect your brand’s growth in a plethora of manners.

How to grow LinkedIn Company Page followers

If you’re wondering how to grow LinkedIn Company Page followers, an easy solution is to actively share the link to your page for additional web traffic. In simple words, don’t hesitate to make that extra effort — and feel free to request your network to follow your page! Passionately and unabashedly share your Company Page links wherever you deem fit — and emphasize the numerous reasons the viewers should take an interest in your content. As always, insert CTA for ideal outcomes!

As with all major things in the world, it is important to incorporate consistent communication in your LinkedIn lead generation strategy. Evidently, not remaining routinely present on the platform leaves a negative impression on potential leads and hinders the progress you’ve made with your new connections — which is why it is beyond significant for you to remain visible on the social media behemoth and communicate with the people interested in doing business with you. By frequently interacting with your leads and also sharing content to maintain their interest in your B2B company, you are then setting the stage for admirable success. 

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