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Best Performing Lead Magnet Ideas for Recruiters

by LinkedIn Marketing, Tash Tips

What are Lead Magnets?

Lead Magnet Ideas

Chances are, as an up-and-coming recruiter, you’re looking for effective methods to find the ideal candidates to fill your open job positions. In an incredibly vast, competitive world, it can be rather hard to attract a steady flow of new clients for your recruiting firm — and it is this very issue that lead magnets are here to address.

Defined as valuable content offered to prospects in exchange for contact information, lead magnets are the salient key to recruiting success. From now on, you never have to worry about lead generation ever again. You see, these lead magnets serve as incentives for potential candidates and prompt them to sign up for your email lists and eventually apply for the roles. Your goal here is to offer a glimpse into your employer’s brand and core values for the benefit of your potential future employees. Utilize these powerful tools properly — and watch your recruitment business thrive!

You’re probably wondering where exactly to include these lead magnets of yours for optimal results. Lucky for you, we’re here to help! To be candid, there is no better tool for recruiters like you in the professional world than LinkedIn. The social media platform allows you to spread awareness about your fantastic recruiting business and find a plethora of qualified candidates. 

If you find yourself in need of further assistance pertaining to all things LinkedIn, TashAds is the solution to all of your problems. Here, we specialize in LinkedIn marketing — and we promise to use effective lead magnets to help you attain success like never before. Give us a call today for phenomenal lead generation and strategic digital marketing campaigns! Top-notch customer service awaits you. 

Why Incorporate Lead Magnets in your Content Marketing?

To put it simply, lead magnets have a direct correlation with increases in new candidates and job applications. How so, you ask? Allow us to explain! By incorporating high-quality magnets in your digital marketing strategy, you’ll develop a solid reputation for yourself and allow potential clients to gain a better understanding of your firm and its various employment opportunities. 

As these individuals use your beneficial resources to gain insight into your employer’s culture and job positions and also learn more about an array of relevant topics, they’ll not only deeply appreciate your efforts but also feel inclined to actually apply for the roles. 

Additionally, because this meaningful content allows individuals to perform thorough research on your recruiting firm and its vacancies before officially applying, you can rest assured that your future candidates will be highly qualified and suitable for the job. Needless to say, the benefits are simply endless!

Things to Consider Before Creating a Lead Magnet

Before you officially delve into the world of lead magnets and invest precious time and money, it is important for you to first keep a few things in mind. Having a clear vision and understanding from the get-go is guaranteed to benefit you in the long run — and that is exactly what we are here to ensure and discuss. 

  • For starters, you want to make sure that your lead magnets align with the needs of your target audience in order to guarantee a high number of relevant leads. 
  • You must choose a captivating topic that will be of good use to your potential candidates. 
  • Visual appeal makes a considerable difference — so avoid crafting or sharing poorly designed lead magnets.
  • Be sure to avoid generalizations and unnecessary complications or word counts. At the end of the day, remember that your content must directly acknowledge your prospects’ desires, motivations, and goals and subsequently serve as the ideal solution. 

Some Great Lead Magnet Ideas

Ready to create and share lead magnets but remain in need of inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Here are some wonderful ideas for you to incorporate on your LinkedIn page for incredible outcomes. We promise they won’t disappoint. 

Tashads Guide Lead magnet

An example of a guide by TashAds

  • Guides

Lengthy and highly informational, guides serve as incredibly useful content for candidates — and for good reason. By addressing common challenges like creating impressive resumes and preparing for job interviews, guides play an instrumental role in a candidate’s job search and application process. Insert one of these on your LinkedIn page — and watch as prospects trust and appreciate you tenfold!

training lead magnet

An example of an online training by TashAds

  • Online Courses

Essentially defined as educational content on your website or microsite, online courses consist of complex and captivating lessons for the benefit of potential candidates. Supplemented with the likes of worksheets and quizzes, these courses allow prospects to develop new skills and gain more knowledge. By offering this content to the profusion of individuals out there, you’ll develop meaningful relationships with your target audience and subsequently receive more applicants.

  • Webinars

Consisting of the likes of seminars and online events, webinars address topics that revolve around career development. In order to effectively prepare for your webinar, you must create a captivating visual presentation and have access to special recording software. The goal is to showcase the essence of your company culture and positions while simultaneously shedding light on relevant topics pertaining to salaries and job offers. In short, you want to make sure the candidates leave with an adequate understanding of both your firm and the professional world as a whole. Follow these steps — and witness a profound surge of new leads!

  • Checklists

Popular and widely preferred, checklists are concise lead magnets that remain short in length and take very little time to craft. You must simplify topics pertaining to job interviews, resumes, LinkedIn, etc. into a set of bullet points for users to consume. As your potential candidates tick off each box on the list, they’ll appreciate your assistance and feel fully prepared to apply for your open positions, resulting in success galore.

  • Case Studies 

Sometimes recruiters offer case studies of clients they’ve successfully worked with in exchange for a prospect’s email address. Case studies are a perfect example of effective lead magnets for recruiters because not only do they offer high ROI but prospects love them, too. Include case studies of people similar to your target customer, who had issues that are related to your target audience, and have found solutions through your help. You should also include a snapshot of these results

hr dive newsletter

An example of a newsletter by HR Dive

  • Newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way to deliver value to your prospects and keep them up-to-date with what’s going on in your industry. 83% of B2B marketers say that they have used newsletters for content marketing. Targeted emails sent at regular intervals can help build a relationship between you and your prospects over time, which will boost conversions down the line. Whether it’s about daily news or tips for recruiting success, include information that can help people in their careers—it will be appreciated and rewarded. 

We hope this comprehensive guide has provided you with substantial knowledge regarding lead magnets. In essence, these lead magnets possess the power to increase company visibility and exposure and generate an immense number of leads — and we strongly urge you to utilize them as an aspiring recruiter! At Tash Ads, we want nothing more than to see you thrive in your business endeavors — and we are here to support and help you every step of the way! 

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