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How Recruiters Can Get Insane Results by Leveraging Content Marketing

by LinkedIn Marketing, Tash Tips

What is Content Marketing — and Why Should Recruiters Care About Content Anyway?

Essentially the gateway to tremendous lead generation and recruitment, content marketing refers to the creation and distribution of valuable content in hopes of attracting new candidates. As a professional recruiter, your goal is to find qualified candidates for open job positions and ensure that all expectations are met in the process — and what better way to achieve this goal than by developing meaningful content?

In today’s digitized world, a profound number of candidates search the depths of the Internet for potential job openings, thus making branding and content marketing strategies incredibly significant. By successfully informing prospects about the likes of role responsibilities and company culture, you’re allowing them to decide whether they’re a feasible fit for the position and subsequently increasing your chances of finding suitable candidates. 

Thoughtfully curated content, essentially, is the key to recruiting success. As you share engaging written posts alongside audio and video files, you’re well on your way to generating brand awareness and building strong relationships with your clientele, paving the way for dominance and prosperity in the industry. In simple words, leave no stone unturned in telling a captivating story that retains your audience’s attention — and watch as a surge of candidates come rushing in. Don’t underestimate the power of good marketing. 

At Tash Ads, we specialize in the nitty-gritty of LinkedIn marketing — and we want nothing more than to assist you throughout the entire process. Ready to draw in a plethora of new candidates and solidify your reputation as an industry expert? Read ahead to learn more about how you can leverage content marketing for phenomenal results! 

Steps to Building a Content Marketing Strategy for Recruiters

1. Create your Customer Avatar

The first step to content creation is to know your ideal audience, without this, you cannot create content that will cater to a specific audience.

Knowing your audience is integral and you have to describe them, find out the following information about them:

  • Demographics: Gender, age, location, income, and current job title.
  • Background: Academics and Work history.
  • Personality: Strengths, weaknesses, interests, and hobbies.
  • Qualifications: Certifications and required skills.
  • Career objectives: What are their career goals for the next 5 years. 
  • Objections: What are the factors that would turn off a candidate from your organization.
Customer Persona

– Picture credits Melanie Deziel

Take your time to generate a list that reflects the needs of your recruitment firm. By having a clear understanding of the best possible candidate persona you can leverage your content market strategy effectively.

2. Create a Candidate Journey Map

To put it simply, the significance of a candidate’s journey map cannot be stressed enough. Serving as a guide for your content marketing strategy, the journey map includes all of the touchpoints candidates have with the company. From the initial stage of becoming acquainted with the firm and the position to the final stage of actually getting hired as a suitable employee, this valuable tool provides a thorough insight into a candidate’s progress. 

Journey map

– Picture credits Kelly Sikkema  

Such valuable information allows you to strengthen your branding techniques and discover what type of content produces the best results for you.

3. Generate Content Ideas

Now, it is time to dwell on the intricacies of the content itself. In order to generate the best possible content, make sure to thoroughly consider your recruiting goals and the specific roles of your job offerings while keeping your target audience in mind. Hard work and effort, as always, go a long way — so take your time to devise an enthralling content marketing strategy. A handful of suggestions include employee testimonials, how-to guides, and company events — but you’re more than welcome to experiment and devise your own content ideas. At the end of the day, you must identify and analyze what works best for your particular audience. 

content idea

Picture credits Firmbee

4. Build Your Content Calendar

In order to increase your credibility, maintain consistent progress, and not lose sight of your end goals, it is important for you to build a content calendar with the precise dates you intend to share your wonderful content. Essentially, this digital or written blueprint plays an instrumental role in helping you keep track of your marketing strategy. By giving your audience captivating content to consume on a regular basis, you are leaving an extremely positive impression and allowing them to fully trust your company. 

5. Write and Publish Your Content

After successfully completing all of the previously mentioned steps, you are now ready to actually write and publish your content! Once again, keep your target audience in mind as you generate written, visual, and auditory content for potential candidates to come across. This is your chance to showcase your fantastic content to the entire world, achieve your recurring goals, and get your firm’s name out there! Qualified candidates are right around the corner.

What type of Recruitment Content can you Create?

Whatever content you create should resonate with your ideal candidate so that you can build better connections.

Start a Blog

In order to successfully connect with potential employees and attain tremendous degrees of recruiting success, consider starting a blog on your website. Essentially, blogs serve as the ideal method to reach your target pool of candidates and persuade them into applying for your job positions. 

write a blog

Picture credits Sincerely Media

You might be wondering what exactly should you write about? How-to pieces are widely regarded for driving traffic and luring in candidates. Additionally, if you’re looking to leverage content marketing for your recruiting firm, consider writing about relevant topics such as job interviews and resumes. As always, demonstrate the credibility of your company while remaining the most honest version of yourself all the while.

write a blog

Picture credits Austin Distel

Create Audio and Video Content:

Audio content such as podcasts is becoming popular nowadays and people tend to interact better when they listen to podcasts.

Audio and Video content gives your brand a human voice needed to connect with people so that they can get attracted to your company. 

Create a Prominent Social Media Presence

With social media skyrocketing in popularity around the globe, it is important for you to make full use of this tool to attract potential candidates. At the end of the day, the goal is to encourage engagement and build meaningful relationships with your prospects. In order to do so, consider hosting discussions and Q&A sessions or using relevant hashtags. Go all out when it comes to using your social media accounts to promote your job openings — and witness the results yourself.

Linkedin Marketing

Today, LinkedIn serves as the #1 social media channel for lead generation. Indispensable in every sense of the word, the platform has an incredible impact on company branding and visibility. At Tash Ads, our gurus specialize in LinkedIn marketing — and we want nothing more than to utilize the channel to contribute to your development as a recruiting firm. When you work with us, we’ll work together to develop a social media presence so stellar it’ll have all of your competitors watching in awe. At Tash Ads, we strive for perfection. 

Call us today to receive a consistent pipeline of fresh leads on a monthly basis and develop a digital blueprint that explodes your brand presence! You don’t want to miss out on this golden opportunity. Tash  Ads is the key to success in the realm of digital marketing.

Write White Papers

Intended to promote awareness, present solutions for modern-day problems, and showcase distinct selling points, white papers are multipurpose documents with valuable information for company usage. As a recruitment agency, your content marketing strategy should consist of high-performing white papers that discuss the complexities of recruitment and employment. Guaranteed to help you attract potential prospects and then proceed to form special bonds with them, these papers are essential to recruiting triumph.

Benefits of Content Marketing for Recruiting

  • It Demonstrates Your Trustworthiness 

Essentially, your mission here is to show the world just how trustworthy your company is. As you share relevant, awe-inspiring achievements and employee testimonials, you’re proving yourself as a wonderful employer and letting candidates know that you are someone they can rely on, thus leading to incredible heights of recruiting success.

  • It Attracts New Candidates 

As you now know, an effective content marketing strategy essentially serves as a candidate magnet! By posting the likes of infographics, company event photos, employee quotes, and other exciting content, you’re going to not only attract new candidates but also retain their interest, thus increasing the chances of your job positions being filled.

  • It Saves You Money

Let’s be real. Sourcing candidates often comes at a cost — literally. In comparison to job boards, websites and social media profiles are much more cost-efficient when it comes to finding the right hires. By consistently posting engaging content, you’re bound to convert your readers into fantastic job applicants and thus lead your firm to prosperity!

We hope Tash Ads’ comprehensive guide to content marketing has emphasized the importance of strong content and provided you with the knowledge needed to craft a strategy of your own. If you still find yourself in need of further assistance, there’s no need to fret! Give us a ring today to leverage the power of Linkedin marketing and simplify the hiring process like never before.

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