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The Most Effective Psychological Tips to Hire the Right Candidates

by LinkedIn Marketing, Tash Tips

Let’s face it, finding the right candidate is no walk in the park. You want nothing more than to identify individuals who will be a suitable fit for your company — but how exactly do you do it? In such a vast world, selecting the ideal employees from a large pool of prospects can be a bit of a struggle. With so many applicants out there, how do you ensure you’ve found the right one?

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At Tash Ads, we understand the value of finding quality employees that really increase workplace productivity and benefit your company. To simplify the hiring process for you, we’ve compiled a list of recruitment psychology tips and tricks guaranteed to put you at ease. Incorporate these practices into your hiring process — and find the perfect candidates more easily than ever. Trust us: you don’t want to miss out on these tips and tricks. 

Define the Job Description as Specifically as Possible

Let’s get the basics out of the way, shall we? Before you begin analyzing your potential employees, it is important first to define the exact job description. Spare no detail as you list every personal and professional skill as precisely as possible for prospects to assess. By doing so, you’ll draw in candidates who possess all the requisite skills. At the same time, you want to ensure that your requirements are attainable, not to drive away suitable candidates. Get the balance right — and watch an influx of potential employees rush your way.

Prioritize Job Security and Satisfaction

For an employee, there is nothing more important than job satisfaction. In today’s day and the world, individuals rely on jobs for money and a sense of purpose in life — which means you must leave no stone unturned in making them feel secure in their new workplace. This is your time to portray your company positively and show candidates the endless perks of working with you. In your job description, address important factors like the salary, the work environment, and additional job benefits. 

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Go all out when it comes to assuring potential employees that you’ve taken measures to ensure growth and success in the department. Show them just how much you’ve invested in their future — and watch engagement and productivity levels skyrocket like never before. 

Do Research on the Candidates Beforehand

A little bit of research can go a long way. Before officially greeting your potential employee, consider studying their profile to get a glimpse into their lives. As you grow familiar with the individual beforehand, you’ll feel prepared for the interview and create an amicable atmosphere during the meeting.

To be candid, a candidate’s relationships with their past employers serve as a true reflection of them. In order to conduct your research, take advantage of the social media era to see what their interests are. Additionally, reach out to their previous workplaces to learn more about their endeavors and overall work ethic. Long story short, inquire into their profiles for optimal results.

Create Structured yet Personalized Interviews

It’s time to get down to business. Through a series of valid predetermined questions, conduct structured interviews to learn more about your potential employees in a way that greatly reduces any chances of being biased. But don’t just stop there.

Interview process

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Go the extra mile by incorporating behavioral and situational questions into the mix to gain insight into the candidate’s personality traits and decision-making skills. By diversifying the usual questions and adding that element of unpredictability, you’re more likely to receive natural and genuine responses from your prospect. To put it simply, frame the interview using a structured yet personalized approach for ideal one-on-one communication.

Focus on Employee Recognition 

Who doesn’t love a bit of recognition? Aside from offering a competitive salary and a pleasant workplace environment, you must bring something more to the table. Show candidates why they should pick you over all the other companies in the market. How do I do that, you ask? 

Focus on employee recognition every step of the way. Essentially, your prospects want reassurance that their work will be appreciated and rewarded when they join your company. Discussing your recognition and rewards program early on will show candidates that you value their hard work and successfully lure them in. To get them to officially hop on board, nurture them as individuals, and demonstrate just how much this opportunity will benefit their career.

Incorporate Psychological Assessments in the Hiring Process 

Never underestimate the power of a psychological assessment. The likes of personality tests and intelligence aptitude assessments speak volumes about whether or not an applicant is a right fit for you. Use this method to gain insight into their disposition and behavior in the workplace. 

By digging deeper and going beyond the surface level, you’ll be able to predict a prospect’s job performance and overall success. To put it simply, take this time to gauge whether a candidate has the right skillset and cognitive abilities to serve as a qualified employee. The more effort you put in right now, the more your company will benefit in the long run.

Get to Know Your Potential Employees More

Want to learn some more about your applicants before making your final decision? Spend quality time with them to get a better grasp of who they are as human beings. Consider inviting the candidate to lunch as a follow-up to the interview and making an effort to really bond with them. 

Be sure to pay close attention to their actions, gestures, and body language during the entire meeting. In addition, consider giving your potential employees a tour of their future working space to attain a deeper understanding of whether or not they’re a suitable match for your company. Are they asking questions? Interacting with others? At the end of the day, the key is to see if they show genuine interest.

Make an Active Effort to Avoid Bias at All Costs

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Strive to avoid intrinsic bias at all costs. As you go through such an enormous pool of applicants, it can be easy to make the wrong decision. Maybe you only really remember the first and last candidates — or maybe you feel inclined to look for information that supports your existing beliefs. In order to make sure that your new employees are indeed qualified, it is important to avoid such biases throughout the hiring process.

In order to make the right choice, consider asking another individual to help you select candidates and also recording your thoughts immediately after the interview. The remaining objective is your best bet. 

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Once you’ve found a plethora of outstanding applicants to choose from, you’re all set to shortlist candidates! As you embark on the hiring journey, follow these psychological tips and tricks for top-notch results. We promise you won’t regret it. 

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