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Candidate’s Skills Assessment Test: The Ultimate Recruiter’s Guide

by LinkedIn Marketing, Tash Tips

If you’re a recruiter, there’s a likely chance you’re staring at a pile of resumes on your desk right now. And there’s an even likelier chance you’re confused out of your mind. We don’t blame you. Resumes are great and all, but sometimes you have to dig a little deeper if you really want to find the dream candidate. Wondering how on earth you’re supposed to do that? We’ve got just the thing to make your life easier. 

Used to screen candidates on the skills they need for a specific job role, recruiter assessment tests are instrumental to success in the professional world. Today, an astonishing 82% of companies integrate these candidate assessment tests into their hiring processes — and for a good reason. Pre-employment assessment tests change the game entirely.

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From soft skills to hard skills to cognitive abilities, assessment tests measure all sorts of important qualities and characteristics. By utilizing these tests, you’re sure to receive all the guidance you need to gauge a candidate’s suitability and make well-informed decisions. 

Are you intrigued yet? Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, it’s time to discuss every aspect of candidate assessment tests in depth. We know you probably have a million questions right now, and we’re here to answer all of them. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Candidate Skill Assessment Tests?

Chances are, you’re already familiar with a lot of popular assessment methods, the likes of which include resume screening, reference checks, and job interviews. What makes assessment tests so special, then? 

The thing is, though these other methods are all valuable in their own ways, they don’t necessarily lead to the most objective results. Recruiter assessment tests, however, give you that extra edge by emphasizing raw data above all else. In simple words, it is now easier than ever to determine who’s a contender and who’s a pretender. As a recruiter, the last thing you want is to hire a prospect who lied about something in the early stages to impress you — and it is this very issue that assessment tests acknowledge and solve like no other.

Here are some of the key benefits of utilizing these incredible tools:

  • You Make Strong, Unbiased Decisions

As we just discussed, candidate skill assessment tests provide you with only the most objective, data-driven information. This way, you can make sure that your recruiting decisions don’t incorporate any biases. As a recruiter, it is important for you to evaluate skilled individuals on the basis of their knowledge and qualities and hire those who have both leadership potential and long-term value. By eliminating the possibility of there being any misconceptions, these skills tests accurately reflect every candidate’s capabilities and effectively highlight those who are the fittest for the job position.

  • You Save Precious Time

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Time, as we all know, is money. With so many prospects to assess on a daily basis, your life as a recruiter is rather hectic, to say the least. Let’s change that. By using candidate skill assessment tests to identify the most qualified candidates right now, you won’t have to spend extra hours interviewing individuals who aren’t right for the role and then restart the hiring process. You’ll get to shift your energy to those worth spending time on from the get-go. Isn’t that amazing?

  • You Save Valuable Money

Unlike interviews and job simulations, assessment tests remain far more affordable. These technologically advanced tests can be completed online and in the comfort of the candidate’s own home — which is perfect and very convenient for aspiring recruiters like you. Plus, by hiring candidates who already possess the technical skills needed to succeed, you won’t have to spend loads and loads of $$$ on training and resources later. So basically, you’re saving money left, right, and center in all directions.

  • You Increase Employee Retention

Increasing employee retention has never been easier. By making sure that your candidates have the skills and personality needed to be a workplace asset, you won’t have to worry about a thing ever again. Not only will your future employees perform well in their work environment, but they will also feel inclined to stay at a place that both utilizes their skillset and values their presence. 

As we all know, first impressions make an enormous difference. When candidates see just how fair, engaging, and thorough your hiring process is right now, they’ll imprint this progressive image into their heads for years to come, ultimately choosing to stay or leave on the basis of the very first impression they had with the company.

The list of benefits, as you can see, is never-ending. By providing you with clear insight into a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, skill assessment tests make a lot of truths crystal clear for all of you recruiters. Use them to your advantage to hire the best employees and boost an organization’s prosperity.

What Are the Different Types of Assessment Tests?

It’s time to get down to business. Candidate’s skill assessment tests are here to take out the guesswork and provide you with all the data you need to thrive and prosper. Though there are dozens of great ones out there, here are our top picks:

  • Aptitude Tests

Looking to gauge a potential employee’s professionalism, problem-solving skills, and overall attitude? Aptitude tests are perfect for assessing an individual’s temperament and determining whether they’ll be able to adjust to the company’s culture.

  • Domain Tests

If you need to examine an applicant’s job-related knowledge, consider running a domain test to determine their functional technical abilities in that specific area.

  • Behavioral Tests

From team conflict to excessive deadlines, issues at the workplace are pretty inevitable. Behavioral tests give you a glimpse into just how an individual might react in such scenarios at the workplace.

  • Communication Tests

The significance of good communication is unparalleled. Conduct one of these tests to analyze an applicant’s grammar and pronunciation alongside their understanding of the business language.

  • Psychometric Tests

Never underestimate the power of a captivating personality. Psychometric tests delve into the likes of intelligence and emotional capacity, ultimately determining whether or not an individual’s psychological makeup is ideal for the company.

Feel free to use a combination of these for the best results. The more effort you put into your candidate selection, the more you’ll benefit in the long run.

How to Incorporate These Candidate Assessment Tests into the Hiring Process?

Ready to officially integrate these tests into your hiring process? Without wasting any time, let’s kick things off! Here’s what you need to do:

Identify Your Company’s Needs and Goals

Before we move any further, it’s important for you to identify what exactly it is you’re looking for. Now is the time to determine which skills and attributes are must-haves for your organization. Think carefully about the gaps you’re looking to fill by hiring a new employee. Once you’re done with that, note down what your ideal candidate looks like as precisely as you can and then decide how you’ll benchmark the prospects. Be as clear as possible for optimal results. 

Present the Assessment Test to Applicants

It’s showtime! Choose one or more of the many assessments we discussed in the previous section to present to your applicants. You can either include the link in your job description or send emails to them directly. As they complete the assessments, keep track of all the stats and the scores to see who catches your eye. 

Reassess and Change Your Assessment Tests if Needed

If you feel like you’d rather focus on another skill or set of skills later, don’t hesitate to go back and change your recruiter assessment tests. It’s also important to remember that these assessments don’t lose their value when the hiring process ends. Be sure to use these relevant results to draft a development plan and guide your new hire’s training. 

And there you have it. You’re all set to utilize assessment tests for recruiting success like never before. The candidates of your dreams are right around the corner, and we can’t wait to see you find them. 

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