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LinkedIn Recruiter vs Sales Navigator: An In-Depth Comparison

by LinkedIn Marketing, Tash Tips

LinkedIn Recruiter and Sales Navigator Benefit You in a Plethora of Ways!

Linkedin Recruiter vs Sales Navigator

Perhaps you’re a recruiter in search of an easy, effective talent acquisition solution — or maybe you’re a B2B looking to leverage the power of contemporary selling and make meaningful connections. Either way, LinkedIn is the answer to all of your prayers! 

Today, the social media platform is a cornerstone of success in the professional world — and for good reason. By increasing your visibility and allowing you to effortlessly network with others, the channel effectively stimulates your career development. You, too, can build your brand and get your name out there for the world to see! 

Though LinkedIn possesses an array of exciting features, this blog will focus primarily on the following tools: LinkedIn Recruiter and Sales Navigator. Guaranteed to benefit you in ways more than one, the two aim to connect you with the right people and help you build your pipeline. 

What is Linkedin Recruiter?

To begin with, LinkedIn Recruiter is a paid tool that allows you to reach out to an abundance of potential candidates and manage your workflow. In an incredibly competitive world, it can be rather difficult to identify individuals with the ideal skills for your particular roles — and it is this very issue that Recruiter promises to tackle. By providing you with access to a massive talent pool and simplifying the overall hiring process, the tool saves your precious time and paves the way for new heights of prosperity.

What is Linkedin Sales Navigator?

Moving forward, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is another paid tool that enables you to form meaningful bonds with several buyer prospects. Perfect for sales professionals, it allows you to tap into the platform’s vast network and subsequently land phenomenal deals. Let’s be real: lead generation, at times, can be a bit of a hassle. In order to make the process less stressful and daunting, Linkedin Sales Navigator not only allows you to find new prospects but also stay up-to-date with them. Drive conversations and reach your sales goals today!

Curious to learn more about the two’s respective features and see which one is right for you? You’ve come to the right place! At Tash Ads, we specialize in LinkedIn Marketing — and we wish to provide you with ample insight into the tools. Read ahead for an in-depth comparison — and begin using one or both of the tools for your own benefit!

What are Linkedin Recruiter’s Key Features and Benefits?

  • It Contains an Incredibly Helpful Search Bar

Searching for prospects with the appropriate skills and titles to fill your roles but don’t know how to effectively discover them? Look no further! LinkedIn Recruiter contains a wonderful search bar that takes into account trending skills for the position of your choice. Now, you, too, can effectively search for individuals based on their skill set and find the right hires with ease!

linkedin recruiter search bar

Linkedin Recruiter Search Bar – Photo credits Linkedin

  • It Enables You to Prioritize Likely Candidates

To put it simply, the Linkedin Recruiter is fully aware of which candidates are demonstrating the most interest in working for your company. How does the tool know that you wonder? It carefully takes into consideration which LinkedIn users have followed your company page and applied for your job(s). By providing you with crucial candidate data and relationship and activity insights, the tool allows you to prioritize eager individuals and subsequently helps you reach out to them for guaranteed success. 

  • It Allows You to Search on the Basis of Star Employees

Regarded as one of the tool’s many distinct features, Recruiter allows you to base your searches on recognized employees. If you’ve been told to actively hunt for candidates with qualities that resemble those of these star employees, you can now turn that goal into a reality! Use the tool’s list of suggested candidates to effectively proceed.

What are Linkedin Sales Navigator’s Key Features and Benefits?

  • It Contains a Useful Company Search

Not only does LinkedIn Sales Navigator allow you to effectively search for people, but it also enables you to look for companies. Yes, you heard that right! Ideal for B2B, the tool’s valuable company search renders it possible to hunt for companies on the basis of numerous criteria. From geography to revenue to the industry, the filter options are endless — so feel free to be incredibly specific for the best results!

linkedin sales navigator company search

Linkedin Sales Navigator Company Search Filters- Photo credits Linkedin

  • It Helps You Come Across Active Users

As an aspiring salesperson with a vehement desire to engage with buyer prospects on LinkedIn, it undoubtedly helps to know which users are currently active. Needless to say, if an individual regularly uses LinkedIn, it’ll be 10x easier for you to reach out to interested buyers and receive prompt responses. As a result of these consistent interactions, you’ll be able to establish meaningful relationships for immense prosperity!

  • It Lets You Identify New Prospects

Are you searching for new decision-makers to serve as the best possible prospects for you? Linkedin Sales Navigator is here to help! As a B2B salesperson, you most definitely know that people who are new in a position tend to be open-minded and ready to make changes. In order to effectively find such people and attain success, feel free to search within the “account” section or across your targeted network.

What are the Main Differences?

Though both tools endeavor to help you make the most out of LinkedIn and introduce you to the correct set of people for profound results, they differ in their primary purpose and particular features. Whereas Linkedin Recruiter is ideal for recruiters in search of the perfect candidates and talent for their firms, Linkedin Sales Navigator is more suitable for B2B looking to generate a plethora of leads and find potential prospects. 

Dedicated to helping you reach your end goals, the two premium solutions contain distinct search filters and tracking fields. For instance, Recruiter offers up-and-coming individuals like you the chance to find candidates based on a set of trending skills — a feature that is unavailable in the Sales Navigator tool. In terms of pricing, Linkedin Recruiter is significantly more expensive. 

Tash Ads Aims to Assist You With LinkedIn Marketing

Do you find yourself in need of further assistance when it comes to LinkedIn Recruiter and Sales Navigator? Tash Ads is here to lend a helping hand! You see, our team of experts is acquainted with the intricacies of these tools to a substantial extent — and we want nothing more than to use our knowledge and understanding to help you achieve your goals! 

At Tash Ads, we understand the importance of identifying the right candidates and prospects for the success of your companies — which is why we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that you find whatever it is you’re looking for. When you enlist our help, you need not worry about recruitment or lead generation one bit. We do all the work for you. 

Call Tash Ads today for tried-and-tested, results-driven solutions to all of your problems! 

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